We are professional in
Spot light industry.

Our main market is in Europe and we have many Europe
customers, I will show these customers in my below pages.

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We are professional in
Spot light industry.

Our main market is in Europe andrope
custoers, I will show thse s in my below pages.

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What We Do

As a famous

China Home Decorate Spot Lights Manufacturers and Spot Light Fixtures Manufacturers

,We developed many new COB LED spot light with good design and good quality, and all Home Decorate Spot Lights and Spot Light Fixtures items export to Europe, South America and Australia
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    We buy home decorate spot light from the retailer just like you do

  • We Test

    We test everything in our own lab

  • 5000m²

    Factory area

  • USD5,000,000

    Sales amount

  • 80


  • 70%

    Europe market share


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