Why choose LED ceiling light

Update:18 May 2018

LED ceiling light is a rising star in LED lighting, whi […]

LED ceiling light is a rising star in LED lighting, which can help protect human health and environmental protection. There are a variety of LED ceiling lights on the market at present, and the quality and price are uneven. Then, how do we choose LED ceiling lamps with reliable quality, energy saving, and cost-effective? Here are some tips for you to check LED ceiling light:

1, look at the appearance of the lamp body
See if the lamp body is made of high-quality aviation aluminum. This is the basic criteria for testing whether this LED ceiling lamp has excellent anti-strain ability, corrosion resistance, crack prevention, and easy discoloration.

2, see the mask
See if the mask is made of high-quality PC material with high light transmittance. Low light transmittance will affect our vision, whether the material contains lead and mercury and other harmful substances, whether it is green, has passed the EU ROHS certification, if the purchase in the store should try to allow the seller to show these documents.

3, check the chip
The high-quality chip has high luminous efficiency, high reliability, long service life, uniform light emission, soft light, no glare, no eye injury, and safety and reliability. Whether the LED ceiling lamp purchased uses the COB high-power chip light source.

4, check the radiator
Radiator is the biggest factor affecting the life of the lamp, but now on the market there is a kind of unique fin radiator, using high thermal conductivity of aviation aluminum, so that it can through the air convection cooling, heat dissipation is better, is a A new radiator that guarantees the lamp life.

5, check the drive power
High-quality drive power can effectively control the temperature rise, reduce power consumption, and greatly increase the luminous efficiency of the power supply. So see if the LED ceiling lamp purchased has high-end components.

6, see the reflector
High-quality vacuum aluminum plated reflectors have high temperature resistance and high reflective efficiency, can reduce light loss, and significantly improve light efficiency.