What principles should be followed when choosing bedroom lamps?

Update:29 Mar 2021

  The bedroom is the most suitable leisure place in the […]

  The bedroom is the most suitable leisure place in the family space. In the bedroom, we can relax and have a good rest. The decoration in the bedroom should focus on a warm and peaceful atmosphere, and the layout of the bedroom lamps and lanterns should also follow this principle, so that we will have a more comfortable feeling in the bedroom. So, what principles should be followed when choosing bedroom lamps?

   1. The size of the bedroom

   This is an issue that must be considered. Some cabinets or other furniture are installed with "internal lighting". In terms of large space, it can save space and make the room more spacious. The introduction of light into the furniture can make the furniture exude charming brilliance, especially the glass furniture is more obvious, and it also enriches the overall indoor light color environment effect. Not only that, some owners will also increase, shrink and change the area and shape of the bedroom by changing the indoor layout. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the shape of the bedroom before purchasing bedroom lamps, and try to choose a chandelier that is consistent with the bedroom shape and decoration style.

  2. The lighting in the bedroom should be conducive to forming a quiet and gentle atmosphere, and make people feel safe

   Therefore, the main lighting of the bedroom is best to choose a milky white incandescent chandelier, installed in the center of the bedroom. Classical style bedroom generally choose European crystal lamp, this kind of decoration looks classic and elegant. Most of the families born in the 80s and 90s now pursue fashion. Therefore, the simple and modern style has become the mainstream choice for most people.

  3. The light in the bedroom should not be too bright, the light should be moderate.

  Because people are often very sensitive to light when they wake up in the middle of the night, do not choose exaggerated and peculiar lamps for bedside lamps, and the colors should not be too strong and bright. In order to ensure the softness of the light of the bedside lamp, when choosing the style of the lamp, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the material of the lampshade can soften the light. The lampshade can be made of frosted glass, parchment paper, PVC material, silk cloth, etc. Its translucent texture can bring out a warm atmosphere with mottled light and shadow in the bedroom, which makes people feel peaceful and quiet inside.

   4. Local lighting facilities must also be considered in the bedroom.

  The desk lighting, the illuminance value is above 300LX, generally uses the writing desk lamp to illuminate. For dressing lighting, the illuminance should be above 300LX, and the light source should be incandescent or three-primary fluorescent lamps. The lamps should be installed above the mirror and outside the 60-degree solid angle of the field of view to avoid glare. In addition, from the perspective of safety, the lamps installed in the children's bedroom must have a certain height so that the children cannot directly touch the light source, and it is not suitable to place portable lamps such as table lamps in the children's bedroom.