What is an LED lamp bead?

Update:26 Jan 2019

LED lamp bead refers to the LED package device, which i […]

LED lamp bead refers to the LED package device, which is the product of LED light-emitting chip package. It is the smallest independent component of LED technology used in lighting, backlight and display products. LED packaging is not only required to protect the LED chip and complete the electrical interconnection, but also to be able to transmit light.

In general, the function of the package is to provide sufficient protection for the chip to prevent the chip from being exposed to long-term exposure or mechanical damage in the air to improve the stability of the chip; for the LED package, it is also required to have good light extraction efficiency and good heat dissipation. A good package allows the LED to have better luminous efficiency and heat dissipation environment, thereby increasing the life of the LED.

Used in LED lighting, the LED lamp bead is white light package. Because the luminescence mechanism of the semiconductor material determines that a single LED chip cannot emit continuous white light, the process must mix two or more complementary colors of light to form white light.

Currently, there are three main methods for implementing white LED: blue LED+YAG yellow. Phosphor, RGB tri-color LED, UV LED + multi-color phosphor. The mainstream of white LEDs in the LED lighting market is blue LED+YAG yellow phosphors.