What factors should be considered when purchasing modern lamps?

Update:08 Mar 2021

What factors should be considered when purchasing moder […]

What factors should be considered when purchasing modern lamps?

  The appearance of lighting equipment makes the night not long. Lighting equipment is one of the necessary appliances in contemporary living and home furnishings. After the home decoration and the usual living and home furnishing, it is necessary to buy suitable lighting fixtures to decorate people's home furniture indoor space, and the purchase of lighting fixtures cannot be done casually, and many elements must be considered. Today we will talk about what factors should be considered when choosing modern lamps.

   1. The brand of the lamp

The product brand represents the grade and quality of a product. The same is true for lamps. The price of large-brand lamps may be more expensive, but relatively speaking, it will be more secure. Both product quality and after-sales service will be better, if conditions permit Well-known brands should still be the first choice.

   2. Functions and uses

   When choosing lighting fixtures, you must choose according to the purpose of use, such as table lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps and other lamps, which not only play the role of lighting, but also play an indispensable decorative role. For example, a desk lamp used for reading, when choosing a desk lamp, pay attention to whether the light is dazzling. And when purchasing the toilet lamps, pay attention to whether they have the functions of waterproof and anti-fog. The lamps and lanterns in the living room should have a simple and elegant appearance, and the brightness of the lamps should be large enough to enhance the overall decoration effect of the living room and look brighter.

  3. Size

The size of lighting fixtures should not be neglected when choosing. It must be determined in combination with the area of the space and the amount of furniture. For example, for a space less than 12 square meters, it is recommended to use a ceiling lamp with a diameter of less than 200 mm. The number and size of the lamps should be Proper amount, so as not to make the space appear too crowded and reduce the decorative effect.

  4. Matching effect

   lighting fixtures, in a sense, are also soft decorations in the home, so when buying modern lamps, consider whether the lamps match the overall decoration style. For example, in a space decorated in a modern style and a simple style, try to choose white or silver-gray lamps. For a space decorated in a European style or an American style, it is recommended to choose golden or bronze lamps to match.

  5. Safe to use

  Electricity safety is an issue that cannot be ignored in home life. When selecting lamps, the salesperson must be required to produce the relevant 3C inspection report, and check in detail whether there is the manufacturer’s name, trademark, model, rated voltage, rated power, etc. Especially in relatively humid spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens, the choice of lamps is more cautious.

   6. Energy saving and environmental protection

   Lighting fixtures need to consume electrical energy. The more electrical energy they consume, the more electricity will naturally be paid. When choosing lighting fixtures, try to choose LED light source products. After all, energy saving means saving money. LED lamps are relatively more energy-efficient and easy to maintain.