There are three types of drive power using LED filament lamps:

Update:13 Oct 2018

The first is the RC capacitor that will be eliminated; […]

The first is the RC capacitor that will be eliminated;

Second, the current mainstream non-isolated switch constant current drive power;

The third is the emerging high-voltage linear constant current drive power supply.

At present, the mainstream products of LED filament lamps are C35 candle lamps and A60 bulb lamps, and the space for installing the driver power supply is very narrow.

At the beginning of the development of LED filament lamps, only a ring-shaped plastic part is added between the glass bulb and the lamp cap to expand the space that can accommodate the power module; with the new generation of LED filament lamp dedicated driving power chip, many LED driver power supply necessary protection functions They are concentrated into the inside of the chip, their application circuit is more concise, the parts around the application circuit are more rare, and the production cost is further reduced.

Nowadays, a new generation of smaller drive space power chips and solutions can meet the requirements of filamentless plastic parts.

At present, the grid voltages of different countries in the world are different. Many countries have two different grid voltages that are used together at the same time, such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Brazil, Vietnam, etc. The grid voltage is from AC100V-240V, and the span is large. This requires the power supply of the filament lamp to be suitable for the AC100V-240V input voltage.

The working voltage and current requirements of the filament lamp are DC150V/10-30mA. Therefore, the power supply is designed to be boosted (input AC90-130V), step-down (input AC180-265V), and automatic lifting according to different input voltage ranges. Pressure (input AC90-265V) three different modes to adapt to different grid voltages.

The general parameters of the mainstream product driving power supply for filament lamps:

1, candle lamp power: 2W, 3W, 4W; output voltage is DC150V, output current is 10-12mA, 14-15mA, 20-22mA;

2, bulb power: 2W, 4W, 6W, 8W; output voltage is DC150V, output current is 10-12mA, 22-24mA, 33-36mA, 44-48mA.

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