The reason why the price difference of led filament bulbs is so large

Update:29 Mar 2019

The reason why the price difference of led filament bul […]

The reason why the price difference of led filament bulbs is so large: LED lamps have advantages over incandescent lamps. The advantages of fluorescent lamps are that they are more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and have a longer life span. They are also more and more popular among consumers in the market. There are more and more manufacturers of filament bulbs, and the competition is fierce. The so-called insider looks at the doorway, the layman looks at the excitement, so the average consumer can only distinguish the product through the appearance, structure and function of the lamp. The appearance of the product, the structure of the product is almost two or three times different, or even more. People can't figure out the mind. As an expert, Haobang Lighting will tell you where the real reason for the big difference in lighting is:

1, the service life

Life is the key to the quality of led filament bulbs, mainly affected by light decay, low light decay, long life, long life and high price. In addition, antistatic ability will also affect the service life, the stronger the antistatic ability, the longer the service life.

2, brightness

The main purpose of our choice of lamps is to illuminate, so the impact of brightness on price is crucial.

3, the chip

The chip is the core of the LED filament bulb, and it can't be illuminated by it. Different chips, the price gap is very large, the United States, Japan's imported chips are more expensive, Taiwan and mainland LED chips are relatively cheap. At the same time, the size of the chip is also very important. Generally, the quality of the LED filament lamp of the large chip is better than that of the small chip. The chip size is proportional to the price.

4, the outer shell

During the use of LED lights, a large amount of heat must be generated, which is mainly dissipated through the outer casing to ensure the normal use of the lamps. So a good lamp housing can make a big difference in price.

5, the drive power

The driving power is equivalent to the heart of the LED filament bulb, and the quality of the power supply affects the life and brightness of the lamp.

6, the wavelength of light

LEDs with the same wavelength are pure in color and the price is relatively high. This is generally measured by LED spectrophotometer

7, the angle of illumination

Many places require LED lights with specific illumination angles, which are generally more expensive. Such as a full diffuse angle.

Combine the above points, and try to choose those who have good reputation, quality is guaranteed, or manufacturers with complete led filament light bulb testing equipment are better.