The pros and cons of high-voltage light strips and low-voltage light strips

Update:11 May 2020

  Lead lamp wholesale manufacturers talk about the […]


Lead lamp wholesale manufacturers talk about the advantages and disadvantages of high-voltage lamp strips and low-voltage lamp strips

(1) High-voltage light belt

High-voltage light belt can generally be 50 meters to 100 meters in one roll, and it is easy to install. It can be directly connected to the 220V power supply. The minimum length is 1 meter.

(2) Low-voltage lamp strip

1. Low-voltage lights are safe, the voltage is generally only 12V / 24V, human body safe voltage.

2. Flexible and changeable, the conventional cutting length can be up to 2.5cm.

3. High brightness and long service life.

4. Generally, the length of a string is less than 5 meters. When it grows, there will be a voltage drop, and a matching low-voltage power supply is needed.

LED light strips have gradually emerged in the decoration industry because of their light, energy-saving, flexible, long life and safety characteristics. However, since LED light strips are emerging products, many customers have not used them yet and do not understand how to install them. The installation effect is not very good, mainly because the light is uneven and the light in the lamp slot is uneven.