The price of led lights consulting manufacturers inventory the advantages of led lights

Update:28 Mar 2020

  1, environmental protection lamps LED fluorescen […]


1, environmental protection lamps

LED fluorescent lamps basically do not use mercury, and LED products do not contain lead, which plays a role in maintaining the environment.

2, efficient conversion

LED lamps convert all electrical energy into light energy without waste of energy.

3, the hustle and bustle

No-noise LED lamps do not produce noise. It is a good choice for places that use fine electronic equipment.

4, mild light

LED lamps are used to directly convert AC power to DC power, which will not cause flicker and maintain eyes.

5, no UV

LED lamps do not generate ultraviolet rays, and there are not many mosquitoes coiled around the light source like traditional lamps.

6, voltage adjustable

80V-245V traditional fluorescent lamp is lighted by the high voltage released by the rectifier. When the voltage decreases, it cannot be lit. The LED lamps can be lighted within a certain range of voltage, and the brightness can be adjusted.

7. Save energy

更长 Longer-life LED fluorescent lamps consume less than one-third of the power of traditional fluorescent lamps and have a lifespan that is 10 times that of traditional fluorescent lamps. They can be used for a long time without replacement and reduce labor costs.