The manufacturer analyzes the reason why the lamp belt is not bright

Update:07 Apr 2020

The yuexinglighting manufacturer analyzes the reason wh […]

The yuexinglighting manufacturer analyzes the reason why the lamp belt is not bright

1. Electrostatic burnout

Because LED are electrostatic sensitive components, if the electrostatic protection work is not done well in the production process, the LED chips will be burned due to static electricity, which will lead to the phenomenon of fake LED lights.

2. High temperature damage

The high temperature resistance of LED is not good. Therefore, if the welding temperature and welding time of LED are not well controlled during production and maintenance, the LED chips will be damaged due to ultra-high temperatures or continuous high temperatures, resulting in LED light strips. Fake phenomenon.

3. Moisture cracks at high temperature

If the LED package is exposed to air for a long time, it will absorb moisture. If it is not dehumidified before use, the temperature in the reflow solder will be too high and the time period will be long. The LED package is cracked, which indirectly causes the LED chip to overheat and damage.