The key to buying LED street lights

Update:14 Jun 2019

According to the characteristics of use, roads can be d […]

According to the characteristics of use, roads can be divided into urban roads, highways, factories and mines, forest roads and country roads. But no matter what the road, for the convenience of night traffic and to ensure safety, lighting fixtures are needed. The lighting used in road lighting is also called streetlight. In recent years, with the birth of the fourth generation of green clean light source LED light source, LED street lights gradually walked from behind the scenes to the front of the stage, heading for the streets and into the urban villages.

LED street lights have many advantages. As a municipal facility, good lighting effects and long life, enhance lighting effects and public safety, and reduce the cost of money and labor for facility maintenance. However, in the market, there is a mixture of fish and dragons. In order to achieve the desired results, it is the key to select a reliable and well-known LED lighting company.

The chip, power supply, optical design and heat dissipation effect of the LED street lamp will affect the lighting effect and the life of the street lamp.