The ingenious cleaning method of hotel crystal lamp

Update:14 Sep 2020

In many hotels, crystal lamps are used in the initial d […]

In many hotels, crystal lamps are used in the initial design to show the style of the hotel, but after a period of use, the crystal lamps of these hotels will affect the lighting effect due to the dust absorbed by themselves, not only will it weaken The luminous effect of the crystal lamp will also make the customers who come to the hotel feel a sense of boredom, so timely cleaning of the hotel crystal lamp is very important for every hotel. As a professional lamp manufacturer, our company will introduce the cleaning method of hotel crystal lamp below:

1. Kerosene cleaning method: Before cleaning the hotel crystal lamp, you can find some kerosene. Use the oily softening of the kerosene to clean the crystal lamp. Generally, you need a discarded toothbrush. Put the removed crystal lamp in the already poured In the kerosene sink, use a toothbrush to gently brush the stubborn dirt on the surface of the crystal lamp. With the action of kerosene, the dirt gradually softens, so that the dirt on the crystal lamp can be cleaned.

2. Professional cleaning agent: Use the special cleaning agent on the market, just spray it on the crystal ball or crystal crystal, the dust will be volatilized.

No matter which method is used to clean the hotel crystal lamp, it is a very useful method for the cleaner. Using these methods reasonably can make your hotel brighter. It will also make everyone who rests here feel more warm.


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