The current status of the driving power for the core components of LED panel lights

Update:22 Jun 2020

  LED panel light embodies the realm of lighting a […]


LED panel light embodies the realm of lighting application of "seeing light but not seeing light". It has the advantages of even light distribution, soft and quiet, clean and bright, and has the advantages of anti-mosquito, smoke, fog and easy to clean; its simple shape, easy to integrate with the ceiling module application, so the integrated ceiling is especially complicated and the space is relatively large The small health kitchen sector has great application advantages. At the same time, LED panel lights also have many features such as low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, long life and economic use; fashionable technology and convenient application, which are deeply loved by modern consumers.

   However, due to the rapid development of the integrated ceiling industry and the popularization and application of LEDs, because LED panel lights have no standards to follow, and the lack of government technical supervision, a large number of rough workshops have emerged. In the market, there are a large number of LED panel lights with short lifespan, poor color and light efficiency, and even leakage accidents. User complaints continue, and dealers have no after-sales service, which has greatly affected the market's determination and belief in LED panel lights, affecting the industry. Healthy development. Here, let's dissect the LED panel light market from a technical perspective, especially the LED panel light market phenomenon in the integrated ceiling world.

  1. LED light source devices currently used in LED panel lights
Due to the characteristics of small size, suitable power, high light efficiency, easy light control and heat dissipation, the current LED panel lights from the earliest 3528 to the later 3014, 2835, to the current mainly used SMD4014 lamp beads.

Second, the current status of core components driving power
Because LED lamp beads belong to low-voltage starting semiconductor devices, the most basic requirement is that they need to be driven by a matching low-voltage power supply, and require a constant current. If the current is too high, there will be fast light decay, and the lamp will be extremely dark or even burn out after a long time. .

At present, there are three main technical solutions for LED drive power:

1. Resistance-capacitance buck: simple scheme, few devices, low cost, and constant current. The main application is the configuration of 3W and below LED lights, and there is the risk of electrical leakage caused by the breakdown of the lamp board, so the structural shell of the lamp body must be insulated;

2. Non-isolated power supply: The cost is moderate, IC constant current is used, but there is also the risk of leakage caused by breakdown, and the structural shell of the lamp body must be insulated.

3. Isolated power supply: high cost, IC constant current, good safety.

In order to achieve better light output efficiency, LED panel lights generally have a slender strip structure. To ensure the heat dissipation of LED lights, all-aluminum structure is now used as a cavity with heat dissipation. The non-insulation of the aluminum lamp body requires the use of an isolated power supply to have basic safety protection, and at the same time it can provide a continuous and constant current to ensure the long life of the lamp bead.