Teach you how to choose LED lamps

Update:03 Dec 2018

Led, nothing more than three big blocks: drive, heat, c […]

Led, nothing more than three big blocks: drive, heat, chip

First: drive

The current LED market driver is nothing more than three kinds: plastic shell; car shell; aluminum shell. Of course, the grade is recursive.
Molded shell, the whole lamp is added together, it is 6 yuan, but everyone is willing to sell this, I sell a dozen dollars, earning happiness, but the driving work of this kind is really bad. Can't describe it, even the PCB board is the worst and the worst, so it is recommended not to buy this when you buy it.

The kind of car shell is of course better than the plastic case. It seems to be a little grade. This kind of thing can be used, and it does not have much harm. The quality is still considered, the price of the retail is generally more than 10 to 20

Of course, the aluminum shell is the best on the market. Where is it? Heat dissipation, the drive is also to dissipate heat, after all, the electronic device inside, the temperature is high, there will be problems. And the plastic case can't talk about any heat problem.
The driver is looking at it. When you buy it in a physical store, you may want to let the store open it. It’s not a matter of the inside. It’s nothing to compare.

Second: heat dissipation

Generally speaking, the heat dissipation is about the heat dissipation of the heat sink: it is the big butt behind the lamp. The current spotlights on the market generally have two kinds of radiators: the sun flower radiator; the blade radiator;
The radiator is better. Not from other perspectives, it is not the same in terms of weight. As the name suggests, the radiator is to dissipate heat. Some merchants say that the blade is better, but it is wasteful, unnecessary, and expensive. In fact, the process is slowly improved, the blade heatsink can be made, not because it is heavy, it is a waste, an LED chip, the heat dissipation is amazing, it will be hot after lighting for a while, in order to protect the chip, so the heat The device is important.

Third: chip

Now the business will say where is my chip imported. This is really a fool! Because of the chip, the Chinese still can't make it. The high-end technology of LED is still controlled by foreigners. The Chinese can only import chips and then package them! If the package is also abroad, then you can brag! Of course, there are still differences in the manufacturers of chips. The US Curry and Taiwan's wafers are very good in the industry, and Taiwan's Guanghong will be almost inferior. Of course, if you engage in a sharp chip and then use the domestic rough package to do it, it is impossible. It is like the assembly of the engine of Ferrari to QQ. This is unrealistic and the market is not allowed. Of course, we generally can't distinguish between his good and bad. What is the good and bad of the good chip and the bad chip? The light fades! The led light is on when it is on, but it will not light up after a long time. The difference is here. Poor, life may be long, but not bright, what do you want it to do, right?
Of course, there are many other details: the quality of the connecting line, the thickness of the face ring, the material, etc. will affect the quality of a light. In short, this market is too hydrated, and parents must ask more and more when purchasing.