Structure of led light

Update:27 Apr 2020

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Shaoxing yuexing lighting co.,ltd tell you about, Led lights come in two forms, one is a ceiling light and the other is a light bulb. No matter what type of lamp, the internal structure is the same, divided into lamp beads and drivers.

1. Lamp beads

Open the ceiling lamp housing or the white plastic part of the bulb, and you can see a yellow rectangular circuit board inside. The yellow on this circuit board is the lamp bead. The lamp bead is the luminous body of the led lamp, and its quantity determines the brightness of the led lamp.

Lamp beads are commonly known as "light-emitting diodes" and are the most commonly used electrical components in electricity.

Second, the driver

The driver of the led bulb is installed on the bottom, and it is not visible on the outside. The driver of the ceiling lamp is a black box. When installing the lamp, you need to install the driver first.

The driver has the functions of constant current, step-down, rectification and filtering.