Some suggestions on the choice and matching of restaurant lighting

Update:15 Mar 2021

  As a restaurant, as an important place for emotional […]

  As a restaurant, as an important place for emotional communication in modern homes, the creation of a dining atmosphere is particularly important. A good combination of restaurant lighting can not only create a warm and comfortable dining environment, but also enhance family emotional communication. The restaurant chandelier creates a lighting atmosphere for dining, and the restaurant chandelier is an ornament. Its appearance determines the overall temperament of the restaurant. Chandeliers, wall lights, ceiling lights, and downlights can all be used as restaurant lights.

  When choosing restaurant lighting, the size of the lamp should be determined according to the size of the table. The style of the chandelier used in the restaurant is best to be consistent with the overall decoration style of the restaurant, while taking into account factors such as restaurant area and floor height. A restaurant with a small area and low storeys should not choose complicated chandeliers, while a restaurant with a large area and high storeys can use more ornate chandeliers, which can be used for decoration while illuminating.

       The installation of dining room chandelier should be based on the floor height of the room, the height of the dining table, and the size of the dining room to determine the hanging height of the chandelier. Generally, the distance between the chandelier and the dining table is about 55 to 60 cm. If it is too high, the space is monotonous and too low. It will also cause a sense of oppression. Therefore, only need to ensure that the chandelier is on the eye level of the diners. In addition, in order to avoid the shadow of the meal under the projection of the light, the chandelier should be installed directly above the dining table.

  The color of the chandelier in the restaurant is best to use light colors, which will make people feel relaxed and have a good mood when eating. At the same time, the floor corresponding to the chandelier should be dark, so that it will not feel oppressive. The chandelier shape of the restaurant should have a sense of design, and can be integrated into the decoration style of the whole home without being obtrusive.

   If hanging too high, the dining room chandelier will affect the lighting, if it is too low, it will be inconvenient to use, so how high the restaurant’s light is appropriate is the knowledge of decoration. Generally, the height of the restaurant light installation depends on the height of the table and the size of the restaurant. Most restaurant lights are suspended and fixed with iron wire, so the length of the iron wire must be adjusted before installing the chandelier. Generally, the distance between the chandelier and the dining table should be about 55-60 cm, and the lowest point of the restaurant light and the ground should not be less than 2.2 meters, so that it will not affect the lighting, and will not bump.