Solar street lights use classification in different places

Update:26 Oct 2019

Regarding the types of solar street lamps, the knowledg […]

Regarding the types of solar street lamps, the knowledge is too broad. Today, we mainly want to give you a general introduction about the types of solar street lamps that people often use. The so-called solar street lights can be divided into two major parts, one is the solar system, and the other is the street light. The combination of the two is the solar street light.

The solar system -------- is to convert solar energy into electrical energy stored in the equipment to power the street lights.

Street lights-----road lights, garden lights, high pole lights, landscape lights, etc., of course, far more than these.

Solar road lights, generally available in height, are suitable for use on large roads, because they are high in height and can illuminate farther places, so they are also suitable for some high-speed roads or some large roads.

Solar garden lights, which are small street lights, but also bring great convenience to people. If there are no street lights in many large courtyards, it is easy to cause some people to wrestle. And this kind of street light will play a certain role. The design of this street light is very fine, but the function is really big. The color of the bulb can be changed arbitrarily, which will also bring a more beautiful appearance to the environment.

Solar landscape lights, this kind of lamp has a variety of shapes and is very beautiful. This kind of street lamp often appears in some gardens, and some buildings, squares, etc. will also be used, because not only can beautify the image, but also bring a beautiful visual feast to people.

In fact, there are still many, such as the lighting of the building is also powered by the solar system. In addition, in the current situation, most of the solar street lights use LED lights as the light source. In short, as long as solar energy can be used as an energy-powered lamp, it is theoretically there.