Share several ways to choose lamps and lanterns

Update:19 Apr 2021

Which lamp is better for the living room lamp? In the f […]

Which lamp is better for the living room lamp? In the face of this problem, consumers have different opinions. In fact, the most important thing when choosing a living room lamp is to decide according to your own living room. Recently, I found that many friends are discussing the problem of living room lamps. The editor summarizes some lamps below. Related knowledge, so let's take a look.

Usually, ordinary lighting makes the living room innocent, so you can choose more decorative lamps. Partial lighting When talking about a certain part of the overall space, everyone will think of corners and corners. In daily life, floor lamps and wall lamps are more commonly used to embellish decoration. Imagine: turn off when watching TV and reading The ceiling lamp turns on the floor lamp not to be dazzling, but also makes the environment quiet and elegant.

   But because of the different functions of the living room in each family, such as a family where the living room has to serve as a dining room, the living room lamps are still more practical. In general, it should not be too dark or dazzling. When there are few people in the living room, you can turn off the main lighting and turn on a wall lamp.

  How to buy living room lamps. Choose according to the decoration style. As we all know, each country will form a unique style, and small lamps should also match it. For example, a European-style room is suitable for chandeliers or crystal lamps; if it is an American country room, then Living room lamps do not need to be too gorgeous or too fancy; if it is a Chinese-style room, consider a chandelier with a square shape; if it is a pastoral style, then you should not choose a large chandelier that is too gorgeous and retro.

It is a very important point to choose according to the size of the living room and the height of the floor. Usually in order to ensure that the hall is open and bright, try to choose chandeliers with luxurious shapes, novel appearances and different styles for the extra space of 20 square meters. It can also solve the large empty space Feel; if the space is less than 20 square meters, it is more suitable to use ceiling lights; and the floor height is higher than 2.5 meters is also suitable for installation of chandeliers.

Choose lamps according to the light Nowadays, there are all kinds of room types, so there will be good daylighting, and there will inevitably be poor daylighting. Compared with other places, the lobby area is naturally brighter. You can make a ceiling on the top and add auxiliary light sources. , Such as: light strips, spotlights, which can reflect taste and grade at the same time.