Shaping the night landscape of courtyard space

Update:23 Nov 2020

As we all know, the courtyard is the core of ancient Ch […]

As we all know, the courtyard is the core of ancient Chinese architecture, so it has also become a key object for lighting manufacturers to shape the night landscape. Many lighting manufacturers have made great efforts to this.

The important thing in shaping the night scene of the courtyard is the conception of the landscape, the positioning and the feeling that it hopes to convey to people. The courtyard space is the transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces of general buildings. Therefore, its goal of shaping the night scene image should give people a sense of home and warmth. At the same time, it must give people a sense of openness and publicity in the outdoor environment. Therefore, its lighting landscape composition should have exquisite and delicate wall decoration light and shadow patterns, and should be used in open spaces such as streets or squares. The lighting method and space atmosphere of the courtyard; the shaping of the courtyard night scene includes the lighting performance of the individual building facades that enclose the courtyard, the appropriate configuration of the indoor lighting of each individual building, the lighting of the extended space outside the courtyard, and "borrowed scenery" The lighting shaping of the courtyard, the lighting shaping of the scenery inside the courtyard, etc.

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Classification and selection of chandelier

With the continuous innovation and development of lighting manufacturers, chandeliers have gradually entered everyone’s field of vision, with the most variety of chandeliers. Commonly used chandeliers are European-style candlestick chandeliers, Chinese chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, parchment chandeliers, fashionable chandeliers, cone-shaped decorative lamps, and pointed flat decorative lamps. , Corset lantern, five-pronged ball pendant lamp, magnolia lantern, olive pendant lamp, etc.

There are two types of single-head chandelier and multi-head chandelier for living rooms. The former is mostly used in bedrooms and dining rooms; the latter should be installed in the living room. The installation height of the chandelier, its lowest point should be no less than 2.2 meters from the ground. Luxury chandeliers are generally suitable for duplex residences, and simple low-voltage decorative lanterns are suitable for general residences. The most expensive and most expensive crystal chandeliers are crystal chandeliers, but there are few real crystal chandeliers. Crystal chandeliers are mainly sold in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places. The sales in the north are very small. This is also related to the quality of the air in the north, because the dust on the crystal chandeliers is not easy to clean .

When consumers choose, it is best to choose a chandelier that can install energy-saving light sources. Don't choose a chandelier with a plating layer, because the plating layer is easy to fade after a long time. Choose chandeliers with all metal and glass materials that are consistent inside and outside.