Regarding the installation precautions for LED panel lights, you need to know

Update:01 Nov 2018

    Are there any things to be aware of when installing […]

    Are there any things to be aware of when installing the LED panel lights yourself? Many consumers will ask the guide when they buy. Huahui Lighting said to you that the installation of LED panel lights is nothing more than three ways: embedded, hanging, fixed, no matter which type of installation, it has something to support, so you are installing Pay attention to the following two points when using the panel light:

    First, if it is embedded installation, it can be put directly like the plaster of the ceiling. If it is the kind of opening, you must know the size of the big space to be opened, otherwise it will be big or small. The LED panel light can not be placed, and the hanging type and the fixed type are the fixing screws on the ceiling, so that the screw functions as a fixed lamp. These two installation methods are relatively important techniques, and it is necessary to look at the manual first.

    Second, before installing the LED panel light, it is necessary to understand the circuit condition, because the current wires are all in the form of installation. The color of the wires must be distinguished. The zero-line LED panel lights must be connected to the zero wire.