Principles of lamp selection

Update:14 Dec 2020

In lighting design, you should choose lamps that not on […]

In lighting design, you should choose lamps that not only meet the requirements of use function and lighting quality, but are also easy to install and maintain, and have low long-term operating costs. Lamp manufacturers remind you that the following aspects should be specifically considered:

(1) Optical characteristics, such as light distribution and glare control;
(2) Economics, such as lamp efficiency, initial investment and long-term operating costs;
(3) Special environmental conditions, such as fire hazard, explosion hazard environment, dust, humidity, vibration and chemical corrosion environment;
(4) The appearance of the lamp should be coordinated with the building;
(5) High lamp efficiency (η): η=ΦL/ΦO, depending on the shape and material of the reflector, the size of the light outlet, the shape and material of the diffuser or grid;
(6) IP rating that meets environmental conditions.

Variety of lamp types and functions

Lamps are the eyes of home life, sending infinite light and warmth to life. So the location of the lamp in the home is very important. With the continuous development of lamp manufacturers, today's lamps can not only illuminate, but also play a role in decorating the room.

The lamps and lanterns market are extremely rich in varieties, with ever-changing shapes and different performances. The beauty of lamps is very important. Beautiful colors and well-shaped lamps can give people a sense of pleasure. As the lighting fixture is an organic component of the entire room decoration, its style, material and illuminance must be unified with the indoor function and decoration style, and lighting fixtures should be purchased according to this principle. Its ultimate goal is to make all kinds of light-receiving objects around the lamp have a uniform distribution, so that people's visual function can play a good effect. Because people’s eyesight is not fixed, it is often the same. If the brightness distribution of the interior decoration lighting is too large, it may give people a brilliant sense of brightness in a short time, and cause visual fatigue for a long time.