Precautions for installation and daily use of led lights

Update:19 Nov 2020

Led light wholesale manufacturers briefly describe the […]

Led light wholesale manufacturers briefly describe the precautions for the installation and daily use of led light strips

  1. The LED flexible light bar is an electronic precision product. Please do not apply strong force to the product during storage, handling, and shipping. Please be careful when disassembling and not pulling it. LED products are very sensitive to static electricity. Please pay attention to prevent static electricity during installation and use. Do not use your nails or sharp objects to hold down the surface of the LED.

  2. If you do not install the DIY design yourself, please ask professional and qualified technicians to install it to prevent electric shock and short circuit.

  3. Do not directly connect the LED light bar to 110V or 220V, otherwise it will burn the light bar. The light bar must be powered by a separate power supply. The power supply depends on the total power and connection length of the light bar. Generally, it is power> RGB controller (amplifier)> light bar. Monochrome does not require a controller. Power supply selection: The total power of the LED light bar cannot exceed 70% of the power indicated on the power supply to ensure the life of the power supply.

  4. When installing the product, the bend should not be just at the position of the LED or other components, so as not to cause the components to fall off and damage the product. Do not tear off the surface adhesive paper when installing in advance, and then install after comparing the length position. The installation surface must be flat, smooth, free from oil stains and dirt. The surface is too rough and uneven will affect the adhesion and cause the product to fall off.

  5. It is strongly recommended that the LED strip is a unit of 5 meters, with positive and negative ends at the beginning and end, and connected to the electricity. The electricity is connected every 5 meters. This method can ensure the uniform brightness of the LED and good stability.

      6. Because the LED light bar needs to be used with a controller and amplifier, confirm the wiring layout and direction before use to ensure that the controller and amplifier are installed at a suitable location. Do not connect the red, green, and blue signal wires to the black positive electrode in sequence during installation. Otherwise, the controller will be burned. Please select the power supply and controller power strictly in the order of power> RGB controller (amplifier)> light bar. After installation, please check the wiring carefully and remember! It can be connected only after confirmation. power supply. The operating range of the controller must be well ventilated and dry to avoid affecting heat dissipation. If the controller is installed outdoors, a waterproof electric box must be installed.

   7. If the installation surface is made of metal or conductive material, a layer of insulating material must be pasted before installation.