Misunderstandings in choosing lighting

Update:26 Apr 2021

At present, there are many kinds of lighting on the mar […]

At present, there are many kinds of lighting on the market, which not only have different styles, but also different functions, and can create a lot of warmth. Many people will fall into misunderstandings inadvertently. This will not only waste time, but also waste money. , The editor below will take everyone to take a look at how to choose lighting to avoid these misunderstandings.

   Misunderstanding 1: Bright light = good-looking?

   Many people like to install various chandeliers and spotlights on the ceiling in pursuit of beautiful living rooms. But in fact, there is not much beauty in this way. Not to mention the power consumption, it will dazzle when the light is turned on. Therefore, it is not that the brighter the better, the key point is to distinguish between accent lighting and auxiliary lighting according to spatial attributes.

   Misunderstanding 2: Energy-saving lamps = power saving?

   The lamp does not save electricity, not by whether the word "energy saving" is on the package, but by the luminous efficiency. The higher the luminous efficiency, the higher the efficiency of converting electrical energy into light, and the less electrical energy is consumed to emit the same luminous flux. Then, if you want to choose a truly energy-saving bulb, you should use the luminous efficiency value as the criterion.

   Misunderstanding 3: Large wattage = bright light?

The judgment of wattage on brightness is only applicable to traditional incandescent lamps. The larger the wattage, the more power is needed, and the brighter the lamp. This is not the case for LED lamps, but based on the lumen value on the packaging materials. judgment.

   Misunderstanding 4: Living room = chandelier?

  Many people like to install chandelier in the living room, and find the chandelier lovable, but this is not suitable for a small living room. Installing a chandelier in a small living room will produce a sense of oppression. The height of the lighting in the living room should be more than three meters above the ground.

   Misunderstanding 5: Sleep = turn off all lights?

   When everyone is in a hurry in the middle of the night, the dark environment must be inconvenient to move. If the light is turned on suddenly when a person is half asleep, it will cause a visual impact and may cause no sleep in the second half of the night. Therefore, you should turn off all the key or auxiliary lighting when you sleep, leaving only a dimly lit light.

   Misunderstanding 6: Study room = ceiling spotlight?

   A beam of overhead spotlights shines on the book. Although it has a sense of sacredness, it is only suitable for TV dramas. For your eyes, do not install the overhead spotlights in the study. Because the light hits from the top, most of the light source will be blocked by the head, and there will be more shadows in the reading area, which will damage the eyes. For this, the ceiling should be equipped with a diffuse light source to brighten the brightness of the entire work area, and supplemented by anti-glare desk lamps as accent lighting.