Manufacturers share LED light purchase guide

Update:03 Apr 2020

  Take a look at the chip The chip is the core lig […]


Take a look at the chip

The chip is the core light-emitting element of the LED lamp, and the luminous efficiency and color rendering index of the lamp beads of different brands and different models are different. Most lamps on the market today are single crystal chips, and integrated chips are also called COB chips, which have better performance than single crystal chips. Therefore, when purchasing, choose the COB chip as much as possible, which not only has a long service life, but also has a high luminous efficiency and a color rendering index, and is used in a wider range of applications.

Second look at the color temperature

Different lighting places, such as bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom have different lighting requirements. At this time, you can choose the color temperature of the Led lamp. The color temperature range of the LED lamp is 2700 ~ 6500K, the smaller the value is, the more it is towards yellow light, otherwise, it is towards blue and white light. The color temperature range of very suitable LED lighting fixtures should be the color temperature range close to the natural white light of the sun. It is a scientific choice. In daily home lighting fixtures, you can choose 2700K incandescent lamp color or 5000K neutral white; In addition, the light is not as white as possible Lights with high color temperature are close to the dazzling sunlight at noon, which is too irritating to the eyes, while low color temperatures are prone to fatigue, and only lights with comfortable color temperatures are health lights.

Three look at luminous flux

Luminous flux refers to brightness. Different environments and different areas require different brightness. Under the same number of pings, the number of bulbs used varies according to different environments. When purchasing, you can consult the shopping guide according to your space requirements. When choosing a lamp, you should combine the lighting environment, refer to the product's luminous flux index, or pay attention to the brightness of the lamp, and try to choose a lamp with sufficient brightness but not dazzling.

Four look at the color rendering index

Look at the color rendering index is to see the trueness of the color of the object under the light, the value is generally 0-100, and now the color rendering standard of LED bulbs is more than 75, it is recommended to choose 80 or better