Living room lighting matching skills

Update:01 Mar 2021

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Living room lighting matching skills

   For a family, the living room is very important. When relatives and friends come to the house as guests, we need to chat and drink tea in the living room or have lunch together. At the same time, they will also pay attention to the decoration style of the living room. Different lighting styles will give people different feelings. You can see a person's vision and taste from the lighting style of the living room, so the matching skills of the living room lighting are particularly important.

I don't know how much we know about the living room lighting collocation skills? Lighting is a more important part of the collocation. If there are only a dozen flat and irregular shapes, then it is best to choose a ceiling lamp; if the living room and dining area are open, then High-contrast colors may have better effects; if your living room is tall and large, you can choose highly decorative lamps.

  The area of the living room area is generally more spacious than other places. It must be understood that when choosing the living room lamps and lanterns, it should be determined according to its size and height. Speaking of a certain part of the overall space, you need to understand it first. Everyone will think of the corners. In daily life, floor lamps and wall lamps are often used to embellish and decorate. Imagine: when watching TV and reading, turn off Turning on the floor lamp is not dazzling, but also makes the environment quiet and elegant. However, since the function of the living room in each family is different, just turn on a wall lamp.

The choice of decoration style is very important. Each area has its own unique style. What we need to know is that small lamps must also match it. If it is an American country house, then the living room lamps do not need to be too gorgeous , Too fancy; if it is a European-style room, then it is suitable for chandeliers or crystal lamps; if it is a Chinese-style room, then you can consider a chandelier with a square shape; then you should not choose a large chandelier that is too gorgeous and retro.

   Chinese chandelier The classical Chinese chandelier has bright light and is relatively attractive. It is most suitable to be installed in the entrance hall, giving people a very high-end feeling. At the entrance, the bright light gives people a relaxed and happy atmosphere, and the Chinese patterns will tell those high-profile and impetuous guests that this is a traditional family.

   There are many styles of modern chandeliers on the market, and there is a lot of room for us to choose from, and all kinds of lines can be chosen. Note that: the specifications and style of the lamps should be matched with the living room. For screens and decorations, you need to add spotlights. People prefer modern style chandeliers, and most people don't want to decorate them in European classical style. It is best for consumers to choose chandeliers that can be installed with energy-saving light sources, rather than chandeliers with electroplated layers, because the electroplating layer is easy to fade after a long time.

   If the living room is low, you can choose ceiling lamps and floor lamps, so that the living room will look more lively and generous, very modern and artistic. If the living room is taller, you can choose a large chandelier with upward lighting, and you should also reserve a certain space between the lamps and the upper part to narrow the gap between light and dark in the space.