LED panel light related introduction

Update:07 Sep 2020

 In recent years, LED panel lights have gradually becom […]

 In recent years, LED panel lights have gradually become the mainstream product of indoor large panel lighting due to their soft light, large light-emitting area, uniform illumination, energy saving and environmental protection. At present, LED panel lights are divided into two types: direct type and side type. However, the light mixing distance greatly limits the thickness of the direct-lit flat panel lamp; in contrast, the side-lit LED flat panel light uses a light guide plate to mix the light emitted by the LED lightbar on the side frame, and there is no restriction on the mixing distance, which is thin and light. The advantages of

The white light LED panel light has been widely praised for its unique and natural lighting effect. In view of the low light coupling efficiency of the light guide plate and the LED in the flat light, the problem of large absorption and reflection loss, this paper studies a kind of LED flat light without light guide plate , And focus on the optical design of high-efficiency projectors with uniform surface illuminance, which is used to improve the light output efficiency and illuminance uniformity of LED flat lights. The use of projectors instead of light guide plates can make LED flat lights light in weight, low in production costs, and low light loss . The general projector research in the design of illumination optics is based on the goal of uniform frontal illumination. 

  LED panel light information three, LED energy-saving lamps made of straw hat-shaped low-power LEDs, the power supply uses a resistance-capacitance step-down circuit.

The straw hat type LED continues to use the indicator LED packaging form, epoxy resin packaging, so that the LED chip can not dissipate the heat, the light decay is serious, many white light LEDs, after a period of use, the color temperature becomes higher and gradually turns blue. It became dim. There are also manufacturers dedicated to the development of straw hat type LEDs with low light decay, but the luminous decay has not changed much because the packaging form has not been changed. This kind of LED panel light products are transitional products with low price and poor quality.

  In fact, there is still a lot of knowledge about LED panel lights. When consumers want to buy, they must understand its performance and use environment, so that they can buy the most satisfactory products.