LED luminaire mechanical parts and structures

Update:21 Jun 2019

The function of the LED luminaire machinery is to deter […]

The function of the LED luminaire machinery is to determine the position and relationship of the luminaire's optical system, electrical system and thermal system through structural design, so that the luminaire can be fixed and safely used in the set environment.

The mechanical system of the traditional luminaire consists of the structure of the fixed light source, the reflector, the control device of the lamp, the cable structure of the flexible cable or the flexible wire, the sealing structure, the mechanical protection structure, the fixed structure of the lamp and the adjustment structure of the lamp, etc. It consists of lamp holder or light source connector, lamp holder mounting bracket, cord holder, terminal block, housing, lamp cover and lamp mounting bracket. Due to the characteristics of the LED light source, the LED lamp has several forms such as a package, a module, an LED light engine, an integral LED lamp, and a non-integrated LED lamp, except that the last two forms may have an internal structure similar to that of a conventional light source lamp. LED lights do not have a standard lamp head. In this case, the LED lamp has the following structural features:

There is no lamp holder in the LED lamp, but the electrical connection between the LED lamp and the lamp is completed by the connecting member, and the LED lamp is fixed to the main body of the lamp by other means.

In order to derive the heat generated by the LED chip, the LED lamp has a large number of heat sinks. The volume and weight of the lamp are much larger than that of the conventional light source lamp. The installation structure of the lamp should be considered accordingly to ensure the safety and reliability of the installation. At the same time, the heat sink should be designed to be easy to clean or not easy to accumulate, otherwise the efficiency of the heat sink will be quickly reduced.

When the LED luminaire uses a power cord and the power cord is detachable for maintenance, it is a non-Z-type connection. Like a conventional light source that is not a Z-connected, the LED luminaire should also use a cord holder.