LED lamp manufacturers talk about the application scope of LED

Update:20 Jan 2020

1. Outdoor landscape lighting Guardrail lights, project […]

1. Outdoor landscape lighting

Guardrail lights, projection lights, LED strips, LED special-shaped lights, digital tubes, buried lights, lawn lights, underwater lights, etc.

2, indoor lighting

Wall lights, chandeliers, recessed lights, spotlights, corner lights, flat light panels, grille lights, fluorescent lights, down lights, changing lights, etc., currently have a market share of more than one billion yuan and a potential market of tens of billions.

3. Special lighting

Portable lighting (flashlights, headlights), low-lights (corridor lights, house lights, court lights), reading lights, microscope lights, projection lights, camera flashes, table lamps, street lights, etc., the current market share is billions of yuan There are tens of billions of potential markets.

4. Safety lighting

Yankuang lamps, explosion-proof lamps, emergency lamps, safety indicators, etc., have a current market share of several hundred million yuan and a potential market of several billion yuan.

5.Special lighting

Military lamps, medical non-radiation lamps, therapeutic lamps, germicidal lamps, special lamps for crops and flowers, special lamps for biology, special LED lamps combined with solar photovoltaic cells, etc., currently have a small market share, but have great significance And importance, the potential market has tens of billions.