LED filament lamp packaging process is what

Update:11 May 2018

First, LED filament drive classification 1, from the pe […]

First, LED filament drive classification

1, from the perspective of the drive program, LED filament power is divided into three categories: resistance and pressure reduction; linear constant current; IC constant current.

2, from the structural point of view, LED filament power is mainly divided into two categories: all glass without plastic parts; with plastic parts. Among them, there is no need for plastic parts to distinguish the lamp type. For example, E26/E27/B22 is a type; E14/E17 is another type.

Second, the main features of the 3 LED filament drive program

The following figure from left to right: Resistor-capacitor buck, linear constant current, IC constant current

1. Resistance and pressure reduction: small size, low cost, constant voltage change, strobe, EMC, lightning surge, and difficulty in export certification. It is easily damaged in areas with poor power grid protection.

2, linear constant current: small size, low cost, small voltage constant voltage range, 30cm no flicker, easy EMC, heat, in the grid voltage fluctuations in areas prone to heat and damage.

3, IC constant current: a large number of components, the cost is slightly higher, the voltage fluctuation constant current accuracy, no flicker, over EMC, the most comprehensive protection.