LED filament lamp driving scheme

Update:27 Oct 2018

First, the resistance to voltage drop: small size, low […]

First, the resistance to voltage drop: small size, low cost, voltage fluctuations are not constant flow, stroboscopic, easy to pass EMC, anti-lightning surge is poor, difficult to pass export certification, in the poor protection of the power grid is easily damaged.

Second, linear constant current: small size, low cost, small voltage range of constant current, 30cm no stroboscopic, easy to pass EMC, large heat, easy to be damaged by heat in areas with large grid voltage fluctuations.

Third, IC constant current: more components, the cost is slightly higher, voltage fluctuations, constant current accuracy, no stroboscopic, can pass EMC, the most comprehensive protection.

5. Standardization recommendations for LED filament lamps and filament drives

At present, the specifications of LED filament lamps are not uniform. Some filaments are 75V, 10mA; some are 65V, 10mA; when sealing, some are 2 strings, some are 1 string, which is not convenient for ordering and stocking of filament and drive.

The characteristics of the two options of comprehensive resistance and IC constant current. It is recommended that you use a 75V, 10mA filament and do 2 strings when sealing.
On the one hand, the LED filament lamp has small current, low loss, high power efficiency and high overall light efficiency; on the other hand, it is also convenient for standardization and inventory production. In particular, the latter can solve the current unfavorable situation of filament drive, because of the large number of styles, the inability to prepare inventory, and the long delivery period.