Lamp purchase knowledge

Update:28 Dec 2020

As the main lighting tool in today's society, the impor […]

As the main lighting tool in today's society, the importance of lamps is self-evident, but not all scenes choose the same lamps, and the types of lamps selected for different scenes are also different. Many consumers are The selector is not very good, the following lamp manufacturers will teach you some purchase knowledge:

Generally speaking, it is advisable to choose solemn and bright chandeliers or ceiling lamps in the living room. If the room is taller, it is advisable to use an incandescent chandelier or a larger circular chandelier, which can make the living room appear transparent, but it is not advisable to use a chandelier with all downward light distribution. The upper space should also have a certain brightness to reduce the upper Difference in spatial brightness. If the room is low, ceiling lamps and floor lamps can be used, so that the living room looks bright and generous, with a sense of the times. The shape and color of the lamps should be coordinated with the furnishings of the living room. Study room lighting should be bright and soft, and table lamps with incandescent bulbs are more suitable. The desk lamp of the writing desk should be adapted to the nature of work and learning needs. It is advisable to choose a direct-lit desk lamp with a reflector and a lower opening, that is, a desk lamp or a writing desk lamp. The light source of the desk lamp is usually an incandescent lamp or a fluorescent lamp. A small spotlight can be installed in the bookcase. This kind of lighting can not only help distinguish the title of the book, but also maintain the temperature to prevent the book from damp and rot.

It is especially important to have a good knowledge of the selection of lamps, not only for lighting, but also for decorative effects, it can be said to serve multiple purposes!