Is it safe to install the high pole light through the plug?

Update:15 Nov 2019

Many users have very little installation details for th […]

Many users have very little installation details for the use of high pole lights. Some friends who have contacted the high pole lights should be familiar with the overall structure of the high pole lights. Due to the height problem, the total height of the high pole lights is two. The joint of the knot or the multi-section rod is inserted. Therefore, many people will ask questions, that is why to achieve the expected height through docking? Why can't you directly achieve the desired height? This eliminates the cumbersome installation and insertion process and ensures the firmness of the integration of the shaft.

If you can achieve this kind of process, of course it is very good, but it can't be done. First of all, for the production of large outdoor lighting, the height is more than 40 meters, even the shortest. Will be less than 15 meters, then the problem is coming, we must know our biggest bending machine, the two are only 14 meters together, which leads to limited bending, the process can not complete this length Production.

The lamp head of the high pole lamp is a lifting structure. If the pole segments are connected by flanges, it will inevitably hinder the lifting and lowering, which is definitely not feasible. In fact, the high pole light plug-in is not a safety hazard, because the lighting high pole light belongs to a very mature lighting product. It has been tested in the market for 30 years or so, and there is no problem in safety. All the forces on the earth are downwards, and the insertion of the rods between the rods can only be strengthened more and more, and it is impossible to pull them out.