Indoor LED lighting fixtures planning two major trends

Update:05 Jan 2019

The most important thing in the lighting planning is th […]

The most important thing in the lighting planning is the light. The new LED light source is a new road to change for the lighting fixtures. It has changed our lighting concept to a large extent, so that we can liberate ourselves from the traditional concept of point and line light. The concept of planning has been played and established from the beginning. The lighting has shown more flexibility in the concept of vision, perception and situation. The lighting fixtures in the room will pay more attention to energy saving and health.


The LED is a green light source. LED lamp DC drive, no stroboscopic; no infrared and ultraviolet components, no radiation turbidity, high color rendering and strong illuminance bias; good dimming performance, color temperature innovation will not survive the visual abuse; cold The light source generates low heat and does not require safe contact; these are not possible with traditional incandescent lamps and light pipes. It can provide a calming light space, and it can perfectly meet the human needs of human health. It is a healthy light source that guarantees vision and is environmentally friendly.

The luminaire planning materialization can select the shape of the optical illuminator, the number of LEDs and the power of the illuminator according to the needs of the illumination object and the luminous flux. It is also not necessary to plan several LED illuminating tube combinations into a point light source, a ring light source or a surface light source. "Light source", the combination of the "secondary light source" to plan the luminaire. Because the power of a single LED is small, the illumination is low, and the independent use does not meet the need of illumination brightness, and the assembly of multiple LEDs into a useful LED lighting fixture has a very large application prospect.