How to shape the night landscape of courtyard space

Update:10 Oct 2020

As we all know, the courtyard is the core of ancient Ch […]

As we all know, the courtyard is the core of ancient Chinese architecture, so it has also become a key object for lighting manufacturers to shape the night landscape. Many lighting manufacturers have made great efforts in this regard.

The important thing in shaping the night scene of the courtyard is the conception of the landscape, the positioning and the feelings that it hopes to convey to people. The courtyard space is the transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces of general buildings. Therefore, its goal of shaping the night scene image should give people a sense of home and warmth. At the same time, it must give people a sense of openness and publicity in the outdoor environment. Therefore, its lighting landscape composition should have exquisite and delicate wall decoration light and shadow patterns, and should be used in open spaces such as streets or squares. The lighting technique and space atmosphere.
The shaping of the courtyard night view includes the lighting performance of the facades of the individual buildings that enclose the courtyard, the appropriate configuration of the indoor lighting of each individual building, the lighting of the extended space outside the courtyard, the lighting shaping of the "borrowed scene", and the internal configuration of the courtyard The lighting of the scenery, etc.

Issues needing attention in landscape lighting design

In view of the fact that landscape lighting has not risen in China for a long time and the difference in the actual construction reference basis, lighting manufacturers and consumers should consider improving the level of urban landscape lighting as a key project.

The landscape lighting project must not only reflect the characteristics of the local area, but also meet the requirements of the urban lighting master plan. In a local area, the lighting of each building or node must be coordinated with the style and form of the area's landscape lighting while showing its own characteristics. Therefore, in the landscape lighting design process, the positioning and style of the landscape lighting project should be determined from different spatial scale modes, not only considering the impact of the surrounding environment on the project, but also considering the surrounding environment and the overall night landscape of the city after the project is completed. The impact of the project; not only consider the needs of current construction, but also have a certain degree of foresight to meet the needs of future sustainable development.

Distance and angle are also key points that need to be considered in practical applications of landscape lighting. Lighting manufacturers believe that the maintenance of the daytime landscape and the outstanding characteristics of the night should be taken into account.