How to install the crystal lamp

Update:19 Oct 2020

Crystal lamps are not only first-class lighting effects […]

Crystal lamps are not only first-class lighting effects, but also pleasing to the eye, but also play an important decorative effect. Therefore, more and more consumers are now choosing crystal lamps as lighting tools for home decoration. However, the lamp manufacturer did not assemble the crystal lamp when it produced it. The following editor briefly introduces the installation method of the crystal lamp:

First: We first prepare the tools, we need a percussion drill, at least 4 expansion screws, and a monkey wrench. The installation is started, first take off the back strip on the crystal lamp, and try to draw a mark on the place you need to install against the holes on the back strip.

Second: Take the percussion drill and make four holes at least 5 cm deep on the print you drew, drive in the expansion screws, and tighten them with an adjustable wrench to fix the screws. Now you can fix the backing strip, put the backing strip on the expansion screw and tighten it with a nut, then attach the whole crystal lamp to it and use the nut to hold it. Finally, look at the drawing and slowly hang the crystal beads. When you hang all the crystals, you are done.

Safe purchase and use of environmental protection lamps

The development speed of modern home furnishing is accelerating, and lamps are no longer just tools to provide lighting. Lamps not only illuminate our home, but also heighten the atmosphere. It can be said that lamps play an important role in modern homes. However, with the development of lamp manufacturers, it is becoming more and more difficult for consumers to purchase lamps. What principles should be paid attention to when purchasing lamps?  

In home life, safe lighting is our first consideration. Without the guarantee of safety, other bright spots cannot be the advantages of lighting fixtures. Therefore, safety should be the primary consideration for consumers, especially those with children at home. The home environment is diverse, and the requirements for lamps are also different. To provide safe lighting, it is necessary to choose lamps suitable for the home environment. No matter what environment it is used in, lamps and lanterns should meet safety standards, especially for bathrooms and kitchens that have higher requirements for lamps and lanterns, so products with higher waterproof and dustproof grades should be selected.

If there are children in the house, the lamps should not be easily touched. The electric shock caused by the lamps is usually caused by the use of lamp holders or lamps that do not meet the requirements, and the live parts are not covered by electric shock protection measures. It is best not to choose products with sharp parts for artistic lamps, to ensure that children will not be dangerous.