How to choose the right living room lighting?

Update:22 Mar 2021

How to choose the right living room lighting? The livin […]

How to choose the right living room lighting?

The living room is the space that will catch people's eyes first when entering a room, and the living room lamp is an important soft decoration in the living room. Its role in the lighting of the living room is very important, and it is also an extremely important decoration in the living room. Therefore, choosing a good living room lamp is very important. How to choose living room lighting? Which lighting is more suitable for installation in the living room?

What kind of lighting is better for the living room?

  1, general lighting

  The size of the living room area is generally wider than other places, so when choosing the living room lamps and lanterns, it should be determined according to its size and height. If there are only a dozen square meters and the shape is irregular, then it is best to choose a ceiling lamp; if the living room and dining area are open, the effect of high contrast colors may be better; if your living room is tall and large, you can follow The owner's hobbies, age, culture, views and standards of comfort and warmth, and requirements for lighting styles are chosen. Generally speaking, ordinary lighting makes the living room innocent, so you can choose highly decorative lamps.

  2, local lighting

Speaking of a certain part of the overall space, everyone will think of corners and corners. In daily life, floor lamps and wall lamps are often used to embellish and decorate. Imagine: When watching TV and reading, turn off the ceiling lamp and turn on the floor lamp. Not glaring, but also makes the environment quiet and elegant. But because the function of the living room in each family is different, such as a family where the living room has to serve as a dining room, the living room lamps are better practical. In general, it should not be too dark or dazzling. When the living room is less crowded, you can turn off the main lighting and turn on a wall lamp.