How to choose the right bedroom lamps?

Update:06 Apr 2021

How to choose the right bedroom lamps? The bedroom give […]

How to choose the right bedroom lamps?

The bedroom gives people a warm and comfortable feeling. The lighting in the bedroom must choose a style that suits the entire room. The brightness should not be too bright. If it is too bright, it is not suitable for people to rest. The bedroom space is limited. Therefore, the lighting in the bedroom should not be too bright, and must be small and warm. Lamps, so that it is suitable for the bedroom to play the role of rest. Here I will share some suggestions for choosing the right bedroom lamps.

   Bedroom style

   The decoration style of the bedroom determines the style of the bedroom lamps. For modern and simple bedrooms, you can choose crystal lamps with the same simple shape; for classical-style bedrooms, choosing European-style crystal lamps can make the bedroom appear harmonious, natural, elegant and comfortable. The choice of bedroom lamps must be coordinated with the decoration style in the bedroom, otherwise the best-looking lamps are also a failed choice.

      Usage requirements

  When choosing bedroom lamps, you also need to consider your personal needs. For example, the front light of a vanity mirror usually needs to use a warm lighting type, which is installed on the mirror to avoid a sense of fantasy; some people like to lie in bed and read, then you can choose a desk lamp or wall lamp with soft light for lighting. You can also install creative lighting to decorate the bedroom according to your own preferences.

   Bedroom height

  The choice of bedroom lamps is also related to the height of the bedroom. If the bedroom roof is high enough, you can install a chandelier. Not entering this way makes the bedroom look less empty, and the lighting effect is also good. However, if the roof is not high enough, ceiling lights will be more suitable. If the ceiling is not high enough and the chandelier is installed, the bedroom will be short, the space will become depressed, make people feel uncomfortable, and even affect the quality of sleep.