How to choose bedroom lamps

Update:12 Apr 2021

How to choose bedroom lamps    1. The size of the bedro […]

How to choose bedroom lamps

   1. The size of the bedroom

   When choosing a bedroom lamp, you should consider the size of the bedroom. If it is a small apartment bedroom, the bedroom lamp does not need to be too large, simple and beautiful; if the bedroom has a larger space, you can choose a crystal lamp or a large ceiling, which is more suitable.

  2. Bedroom shape

   The shapes of the bedrooms are different now, and some owners will change the indoor layout through decoration. Therefore, you must pay attention to the shape of the bedroom before buying a chandelier, and try to choose a chandelier that is consistent with the shape of the bedroom.

  3. The thickness of the lamps

The lamp has thickness, which can be divided into three types: thin, well-proportioned, and thick. For rooms with a floor height of 2.8 meters, you can choose thin or well-proportioned chandelier; and for bedrooms with a floor height of 2.8-5 meters or more, you should choose a thick type. chandelier.

  4. Lamp shade color selection

   The color of the lampshade should be selected by considering the wall and furniture. The color of the lamp will make people feel comfortable and warm.

   5. The choice of bedside lamps and table lamps

   It is best to choose bedroom lamps that can adjust the brightness, so that you can choose a darker light when reading a book. Although the crystal lamp is beautiful, it is very dazzling. Whether you read a book or wake up at night, your eyes will feel uncomfortable.