How is the LED ultra-thin panel light installed?

Update:29 Jun 2020

1. Can be embedded on the surface of ceiling, wall and […]

1. Can be embedded on the surface of ceiling, wall and installation body

2. It can be hung under the ceiling or the installation body. When mounted on a white ceiling, the entire ceiling is colored, very beautiful, neat and coordinated

3. The ultra-thin LED panel light is designed with wide frequency voltage and can be used in various countries in the world. The high-power LED uses isolated power supply, constant current or constant voltage drive, high power supply efficiency, no pollution to the power grid, stable performance, safe and reliable.

The ultra-thin LED panel light seems to be just a simple lighting fixture, but due to its high market positioning, customers are extremely demanding on the quality of this product, plus the product itself involves materials, heat, optics, structure, hardware , Electronics, and other fields, general companies do not have a complete development team and sufficient development experience and subsequent supply chain management capabilities, it is difficult to truly develop successfully, coupled with unclear understanding of market requirements, so a lot of development costs are invested in return It’s just a product that customers don't recognize.