Features and choices of floor lamps

Update:21 Dec 2020

In recent years, the lighting industry has developed in […]

In recent years, the lighting industry has developed into a relatively high-profit industry, so lighting manufacturers have also emerged one after another, which has led to more and more types of lamps on the market, with a wide range of products, and floor lamps are one of the most popular ones.

Floor lamps are often used as local lighting, not comprehensive, but emphasize the convenience of movement, which is very practical for creating a corner atmosphere. If the lighting method of the floor lamp is direct downward projection, it is suitable for activities that require concentration such as reading. If it is indirect lighting, the overall light change can be adjusted. The bottom of the lampshade of the floor lamp should be at least 1.8 meters above the ground.

The floor lamp is generally placed at the corner of the sofa. The light of the floor lamp is soft, and the effect is very good when watching TV at night. There are many kinds of lampshades of floor lamps, and consumers can choose according to their own preferences. Many people like floor lamps with small countertops because they can put fixed phones on the small countertops.

Lamp manufacturers summarize product purchase reference

With the continuous development of lighting manufacturers, various types of lighting are gradually flooding the application field of consumer choice. From the most basic selection skills, you might as well study carefully from the following three angles.

1. Choose the style of lamps according to your actual needs and personal preferences. If you are pursuing the practicability of lamps and lanterns manufacturers' products, you can choose ceiling lamps or floor lamps with dark rims.
2. The color of the lamps should be coordinated with the decoration style of the home environment. The layout of the room lighting must take into account the style of the indoor furniture, the color of the wall, the color of the household appliances, otherwise the lighting is inconsistent with the overall color of the room, and it will be self-defeating.
3. The size of the lamp should be configured according to the indoor area, the amount of furniture and the corresponding size. The size of the living room should match the number and size of the lamps.

The innovative development of the product types of lighting manufacturers is based on the convenience of our home life. The above basic reference data is a witty choice that never changes.