Commonly used incandescent bulbs

Update:30 Aug 2019

1) light on, bright, continuous dimming, simple structu […]

1) light on, bright, continuous dimming, simple structure, low price, but short life (1 use: living room, living room, lobby, guest rooms, shops, restaurants, walkways, conference rooms, courtyards.

Mode of operation: table lamp, ceiling lamp, wall lamp, bedside lamp, corridor lamp.

An inflatable incandescent lamp containing a portion of a halogen element or a halide in a filling gas. With all the characteristics of ordinary lighting incandescent lamps, the luminous efficiency and life are more than doubled than ordinary lighting incandescent lamps, and the volume is small.

Uses: conference rooms, exhibition halls, living rooms, commercial lighting, film and television stage, instrumentation, automobiles, airplanes and other special lighting.

The light color is good.

Fluorescent lamps are straight tube type, ring type, compact type, etc., and are widely used energy-saving illumination sources.

Replace incandescent lamps with straight tube fluorescent lamps, saving 70 90%, long life 5 times to 10 times; upgrading straight tube fluorescent lamps, saving 15%~50%; replacing incandescent lamps with compact fluorescent lamps, saving electricity 70%~80%, long life 5 times ~ 000h) High luminous flux maintenance rate, strong fog permeability, but poor color rendering.