Common LED street lamp driving power supply design form and its characteristics

Update:01 Feb 2019

LED street lamps are the most widely used outdoor light […]

LED street lamps are the most widely used outdoor lighting products in China in recent years. Led street lamp power supply is the most important key device in led street lamp, and it is also a bottle for the development of led street lamp. Therefore, rational design of led street lamp power supply to achieve high efficiency and high reliability has become the consensus in the industry, and it is also the focus of many LED street lamp manufacturers.

Common led street light power supply has four forms

First, the LED street lamp power supply is directly AC input, and the constant current control is performed on the series LED lamp bead respectively. The advantage is high efficiency and low cost. The disadvantage is that the AC input, the design is complicated, and the cost is high. It must be a street light that can be directly input by AC.

The second is DC or battery input. It adopts multi-string boost structure design. The series LED lamp bead is used for constant current control. The advantage is simple design, low circuit cost, but low efficiency. It is used for solar cells or street lamps input through adapters. .
The third is a single-string buck structure, single-string design, the advantage is that the maintenance can easily be modular design, the buck structure is more efficient, single-string design, configuration is more flexible, but the circuit cost is higher, the number of LED series is limited The IC is resistant to pressure. Generally used for street lights input through an adapter

The fourth is a single-string boost structure. Although it is also a single-string design, the number of LED street lamp bead series is determined by MOS. It is no longer limited by the IC's withstand voltage, and more LED street lamp bead can be connected in series. The boost structure is ideal for solar street lights. This is because of the constant current design of the current mode, the output current is less affected by the change of the input voltage, so that the solar street lamp can maintain the same brightness when the battery is fully loaded and the battery is low.