Analysis of LED street light power supply

Update:05 Dec 2019

1.High-quality components The street lamp is installed […]

1.High-quality components

The street lamp is installed outdoors, and it has been baptized by some harsh environments such as sun and rain all year round. Therefore, its component requirements are relatively high. The LED light source is a semiconductor light source, and its structure is relatively less prone to failure. Another point is that it is difficult to maintain it when installed. Therefore, high-quality components can prolong the service life of LED street lights to a certain extent.

2. Price

The market competitiveness of LED light sources is very fierce, because this market is very large. As we mentioned above, LED street lights are difficult to maintain after they are installed, so their component requirements are relatively high. Domestic components are not very mature, almost all good LED components are imported from abroad. Therefore, the cost of LED street lights is high, which causes the price of LED street lights to remain high.

3. Lightning protection

Street lights not only have to withstand the environmental impact of sun and rain, but also may experience thunder and lightning. The housings of LED street lights are made of metal and are relatively easy to conduct electricity. Therefore, the manufacturer considers this very carefully at this point. In order to prevent this situation from occurring, a lightning protection device is designed in the LED street light to protect the street light from being hit by lightning and being damaged.

4.Energy saving and efficient

The reason why LED street lights are widely used is that they are energy-saving and highly efficient. The country is developing, the environment is being destroyed, and pollution is serious. In order to improve the quality of the environment, the state starts with infrastructure and uses materials that are energy-efficient and pollution-free. And LED street lights perfectly meet these requirements, so it will be trusted by the country.