Aging test procedure for LED lamps

Update:19 Jan 2019

1 Place the semi-finished product or the immersed good […]

1 Place the semi-finished product or the immersed good lamp on the aging frame and connect it to the corresponding power base according to the input voltage of the product.

2 Turn on the switch of the aging test stand, close the corresponding power switch according to different input voltages to check whether each luminaire has been lit, and ensure that the luminaire works at full power during the aging process.

3 The aging test time is more than 24 hours. During the aging process, the luminaires are tested for not less than one pass and power failure. Each time the power is turned on for 20 seconds and the power is turned off for 20 seconds, every 2 hours during the aging process. Perform vibrations on the fixture. (The method is to pick up the lamp by hand and shake it a few times on the aging frame or pat it properly.) During the aging time, the lamp should not have dead lights, dark lights, flicker, color cast and other undesirable phenomena.

4 aging according to different luminaires according to different procedures, after the aging is completed, close the switch of each aging test stand. After the surface temperature of the luminaire is lowered to normal temperature, the luminaire is taken out from the aging test stand and placed at the designated place for the next process. .

5 In the aging process, if the above-mentioned bad phenomenon occurs, the test should be stopped immediately, the defective products should be taken out from the aging frame and the bad cause records should be recorded, and the defective products should be handled by the maintenance department.

6 The aging staff will make an aging record every 2 hours.