Advantages of buying lamps online

Update:26 Oct 2020

Lighting is a magician who creates a home atmosphere an […]

Lighting is a magician who creates a home atmosphere and the most charming flirt in the room. Different lights create different atmospheres. However, as the number of lighting manufacturers continues to increase, consumers can be said to have broken their hearts when purchasing. Therefore, more and more people tend to purchase online. What are the advantages and advantages of online shopping?

1. Time-saving: the lamp city is too grand, and it is too tiring to go shopping; buy lights on Taobao, and the mouse does not leave the house at all;

2. Worry-free: There are too many selections in the lamp city, and it is too difficult to choose; the effectiveness of Taobao's purchase of lamps is revealed, and it is convenient to choose.

3. Labor-saving: sometimes you need to pick up the goods yourself in the lamp city; shopping around Taobao is convenient and fast;

4. Save money: No matter how much you bargain in the Lamp City, you still feel that the price is high.

How to choose lamps for home decoration

From monotonous fluorescent tubes, incandescent lamps, and the simplest ceiling lamps more than ten years ago, to today's crystal chandeliers, concealed downlights, and all kinds of spotlights, the role of lighting in home decoration is becoming more and more important. The innovation and Development has also been advancing with each passing day, in sharp contrast with the monotony of the past. So, are the more lights in the home, the better, the brighter the better, and the more complex the better?

We usually know that light pollution mostly occurs in public buildings. A large number of public buildings use curtain glass to reflect sunlight and cause light pollution. Although the light pollution caused by the glass curtain walls of buildings has begun to attract our attention, other types of light pollution are still little known, especially the light pollution in homes. In some home decoration, the principle that the brightness of the lamps is sufficient is ignored, and a lot of high-brightness lamps are used indoors. When the lamp is turned on and the room is illuminated clearly and nothing is big or small, the brightness is actually excessive, and indoor "light pollution" occurs. If the home is painted with bright wall paint, it will further deepen this light pollution.

In addition to illuminating the space, the lighting also has the function of dividing the area and setting off the atmosphere. Through the combination of the light color and shape of different lighting and the combination of multiple lamps, it can highlight different living room atmospheres and add color to the room decoration. Therefore, When choosing lighting, don't forget the characteristics of the functional area.